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12 Years ago (2010) Mot began renting Motorbikes in Pattaya. Mot realised that many customers would come to her without the correct Licences for Thailand and recognised that she could help people to get Thai Licences. This meant Mots Customers could drive safely and legally in Pattaya and throughout South East Asia. Mots customer welfare is very important to her, So Mot began a Driving Licence Business and has seen that quickly grow into a full range of services including  Non Immigrant Visas,  Retirement, Marriage, Parenta Student Visas, opening up Bank Accounts. TM30 Check Ins, 7/30/60 Day Visa Extensions For Tourists. 

Our Staff speak English and Thai and are always happy to assist you.

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Let Mot take all the stress and worry away for you. Mot deals with all the paperwork process, transportation and Mot even assists you with the Transport Office Practical and Written Tests so you are ready to complete your licence application with the minimum of fuss.

Other Services

Mot can help you cut through the red tape and save you time and money on various other services. Including Immigration Services such as TM30 Check Ins and 90 Day Reports  and much much more. Please contact Mot today for free consultation on all her services. 

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MOT will consult with you to find the best Visa option available to you. Let Mot make your life easy and stress free. Start your life in Thailand with no cares in the world.


Mot can assist you to open a Bank Account for your own personnal needs while you spend time in Pattaya. You will be offered an available Bank phone app which means you can access your account any where in the world. 

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