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OCTOBER 15TH October 2023

Update from Immigration.


All Customers must now have Valid TM30 certificates for 90 day reporting. (Also to make residency certificates for making new or renewing Driving Licences,  Open Bank Account, Buy/Sell Vehicles) and all Visa Applications and re-entry permit request. 

TM30 certificate is proof of registration in your Provincial Immigration office on arrival in Thailand from overseas within 24 hours of arrival every time you travel.

This Immigration Act is applicable to ever Non Alien traveling into Thailand from Overseas.

This has been Immigration Law since 1979.

The only exceptions is Retirement Visa Holders who own there own property in there own name (not partners name) or Company name. However even those of you who fall into this category should have made at least one TM30 certificate in their time here.

This change is affecting mostly those of you that have been in Thailand long term and have not needed to show this TM30 Certificate before (even though it has been Immigration Law since 1979 because Immigration has been lenient with its rules) 


Immigration can fine you up to 2000 baht for not complying with this act.

Check your passports now to see if you have a Valid TM30 Certificate. This could prevent you having problems and a fine with immigration next time you need to use their services.

If you require our assistance to get you a updated TM30 Certificate please contact us immediately. We require passport and proof of address to complete process for you.

If you need our assistance please contact us and we can assist you with this process.

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Mots Services are now the cheapest Agency on the Darkside, East Pattaya for making New 15 month
Non O Retirement Visas or renewing Non O or Non OA Retirement Visas. 

We provide Door to Door Services to Bank and Immigration, FREE 90Day Reporting as part of our Visa Package. 



(Save yourself the Drive to Pattaya City and come to our Office in Soi Khao Talo)

25 OCTOBER 2023 


Driving Licence Amnesty 02.08.2564

The Royal Thai Police and Department Of Land Transport Agency have announced a amnesty for Thai Driving Licences that have expired after April 10th 2020. Anyone with a Licence expiring after this date can drive with that licence until September 30th 2021 or until a time where you can renew your licence before September 2021. 

Driving Licence Amnesty.jpg

Rebranding Mots Services 1.06.2564

Mots Services have had a refresh in the window. More bold, more dynamic, more services and easier to locate. Mot and her team are feeling energized and ready to offer you the best, most professional services in Pattaya for Immigration and Driving License services.


Do you like my new Window Design??

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International Licences Updates  01.05.2564.

Mots Services are now able to Transfer International Licences that have the certified dates of 1949 and 1968 printed on the front covers of your International Licences. We will provide you with Full Door to Door Services and can guarantee a quick and efficient service at the Transport Agency.   


Songkran Holidays

Mots Services will be closing for the Songkran Holidays from 10th April to 18th April.


If you have any Visa Requirements that are essential for those dates please contact us immediately so we can schedule you a appointment.


Ka Mot

Mobile - 0846711055

Line - motsservices

WhatsAp - Mots Services




Dear Customers:


The Transport Agency are running limited services at the moment due to Covid.


Please contact Mots Services for more information.


Mots Services is Pattaya's Premier Driving Licence Agent. We offer a Variety of standard and VIP Services available. Professional Services Guaranteed. We take your stresses away. Free consultation available.


No hidden Fees.


Full Door to Door Services Available in Pattaya and Jomtien. 


Services over Christmas and New Year. If you have a 90 day report at immigration or you wish to make a new Visa please contact us before 23rd December.

We will be open:

21st- 24th December. 9am to 5pm

Closed 25th to 27th December

Limited Services: 28th to 30th December

Closed 31st December to 3rd January

Open for Business 4th January 2564.


We will do our best to answer messages over the whole period but please understand it is our holidays to.


Love Mot and Nan xx


Christmas 2020.jpg
New Year.jpg


We are offering hot Christmas Deals this December for Thai Driving Licences.

We have a Variety of standard and VIP Services available.

Of course, Professional Services Guaranteed. We will take your stresses away.

Free consultation available. No hidden Fees.


Contact us now for more information and prices on our latest Promotion.

Full Door to Door Services Available in Pattaya and Jomtien.

Make New Thai Licences

Transfer Home Country Licence to Thai Licence

Renew Thai Licences

Replace Lost/Stolen Licences

Motorbike Rentals at Low Weekly/Monthly Prices

Christmas Promotion 2020.png



Please note latest Visa Notification for the end of the Current Visa Amnesty (31st October 2020) agreement by Immigration.

If you want to stay in Thailand after the 31st October and you are on the current Amnesty Visa or you do not have a valid visa or a letter from your Embassy advising that you are unable to travel to your home country please contact Mot today for up to date visa advise and current options to stay in Thailand after the 31st October.

Transport Office Update


Dear Customers.


The Transport Office has decided not to open until after the lockdown/curfew has been lifted. Due to operational restrictions because of the Covid 19 Virus.


The Transport Agency have announced that anyone with a Thai Licence expiring after the 2nd January 2020 will be covered under an amnesty agreed with the Thai Police.


Mots Services will continue to update you on any further news from the Transport Agency in the coming weeks.


Be Legal Be Safe.

Amnesty Visa 31st July 2563  

Immigration have announced a extension to the Amnesty Visa Agreement till July 31st for Touritsts and Non Alien Residents in Thailand during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Pattaya News has written a great piece regarding the New Visa Amnesty Agreement. You can read this article on our Face Book Page Mots Services dated 23rd April 2563. 


 Thankyou to Pattaya News. Mots Services are very proud to be recognised as one of the Leading Agents in Pattaya. Ka Mot


Please note that due to Covid 19 Immigration have announced new Immigration Law to cover anyone who needs to renew their visa or make a 90 day report.

Please check for latest news and updates or Phone 0991542792

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Important Immigration Announcement

02th April..

Foreigners Living In Thailand during Corona Virus Epidemic.


Please make sure Immigration are aware of wear you stay at all times.

Immigration CoVid.jpg






Mots Services Christmas and New Year Opening Days.


Closed 25th December

Open 26th & 27th December (9am to 5pm))

Closed 28th to 5th January

Open 6th January


(Mots Services will offer a limited service for Motor Bike Rentals and Consultations from the 2nd to the 5th January by appointment only)


Immigration & Transport Office will be closed over the New Year Period.


DLT QR Licence App

(Electronic Driving Licence)


Dear Customers.

You can make your life easier by downloading the DLT Driving Licence App on to your mobile phones. This means you can save a copy of your Thai driving licence on your mobile phone and the Royal Thai Police will accept this as proof of driving licence at Traffic Stops.


Be Legal - Be Safe

27th November 2562

Licence - Electronic.jpg
Traffic Police.jpg




Mots Services is delighted to be an official supporter of Pattaya 24/7 Charity Appeal for the Baan Kru Ja Orphange. Please take a minute to read about their wonderful efforts over the last few years and this years plans to make childrens lives better.

In 2017 Pattay 24/7 Facebook Group raised a very decent 68,000฿, in our first appeal and we gave it all to the Pattaya Orphanage. We bought essential items and delivered them one afternoon along with a small children's party.

In 2018, we decided to change the way we collected money and chose 3 selected charities to support. We raised over 460,000฿ again with a Just Giving Campaign and selling t-shirts locally in 2 restaurants. The group, now much larger, really embraced the Appeal with 3 members alone donating 14000฿, 23,000฿ and probably the most expensive t-shirt ever sold in Pattaya, a whopping 44,000฿! We donated 30,000฿ to the excellent Hand in Hand Foundation funding eye glasses for school children, another 100,000฿ for the Pattaya Orphanage and our biggest achievement yet, building a new Dormitory, allowing us to rescue 12 young homeless girls from the streets and give them a place of safety and love, along with installing new showers and a huge games enclosure, at the massively underfunded Baan KruJa Orphanage. This remains the best 330,000฿ we have spent to date. And we threw 2 fantastic parties for the kids too..

Pattaya 24/7 guarantees that we will account for every penny we raise via an INDEPENDENT AUDIT and will be appointing an Orphans Oversight team, consisting of a group of well known, trusted expats as we did last year.

This year there is not as much money around as last year, and the Exchange Rate is worse, so we will really have to go some to break that record. But we will endevour to raise as much money as we can regardless. Thanks to Scooters kind sponsorship of every shirt, and a new Worldwide mail order set up, also thanks to them, we will give it our best shot. As someone pointed out, we only need to sell 250 shirts at last year's average donation of 2000฿ to achieve our goal.

Our fantastic new 2019/20 Appeals shirt are now available in Scooters Bars from Monday, and a worldwide mail order will commence on Tuesday. Let's build as many new Dormitories as possible, and change as many young, stressed, innocent lives as we can.


Grab a T-Shirt or make a donation at either Scooters Bar Soi 6, Scooters Bar Soi Buakhao or online at the link below and help us to help the Orphans. 100% of your money will go to them.



Please join Pattaya 24-7 Facebook Group and donate what you can for a fantastic cause. Every little helps put a smile on a childs face and a secure roof over their heads.


Thankyou Mot, Bomb and La.   4th November 2019

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Mot Charity Dormitry.jpg




New rule from Immigration. Any Persons coming into PATTAYA on any form of visa, Tourist (hotel or condo must register) or Non O, Retirement, Parent, Marriage, or ED visa must report to Immigration for TM30 Check every time they re-enter Thailand.


This also affects anyone with a multiple entry visas. They must also do a TM30 Check every time they re-enter even if their address is the same as the last time of reporting.




Mot would like to introduce you to her new staff members. La and Bomb have both gained excellent customer service skills in Office and Customer Service Industries. 

Bomb is intelligent and has a friendly and fun personality to be with. Bomb's favourite food is Sea Food. She likes to spend time at home and watch movies in her spare time. Her favorite drink is Jager. JAGER-BOMB


La is very self confident and likes to have fun with the customers whilst taking care of their Customer Service needs.

La's  favourite food is Noodles.  She likes to go out and be with friends in her spare time. La's favourite drink is Jack Daniels. 

Mot Services Love Eyes Emoji Staff Pictu


Did you know? Thai Driving Licences are valid in Mynamar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines which, together with Thailand, make up the 10 country ASEAN economic grouping. So by making a Thai Driving Licence you can have the freedom to drive through South East Asia beig covered and free from police fines. BE LEGAL BE SAFE 

Asean 2.jpg

JOB VACANCIES  01.07.2562


Mots Services are recruiting 2 new Customer Service staff for their expanding team.


  • Thai Nationals only.

• 2 Positions Available
• Must speak English 
• Must drive bike or car
• Must have happy personality
• Customer Service experience

Job is Monday to Friday on shift basis

06.30am - 16.00pm  or 8am – 17.00pm
Salary Negotiable (11000 baht – 14000 baht) and pay rise after 3 month probation period.
Commission and Sales Bonus available

Government holidays included
Company Uniform included

CONTACT MOT ON 0846571100

Or send Message via Contact Page.




Please take a minute to check out A Great website that gives you fascinating information on Expat and Tourist Life in Thailand. This website is written by Kim Waddoup an expert in Travel and Tourism in South East Asia. This website is a must read for those of us experiencing  Silver Haired Living. Full of interesting subjects and money saving tips this website helps you navigate life around Thailand and gives you an insight into this wonderful country. 

Meandering Tales.jpg



From October 1, vehicle owners to pay all traffic fines or they will be denied the right to secure round stickers that have renewed their registration. Car signs and displays on the vehicle Many drivers have ignored traffic tickets issued by the police. Now a deal with the Land Transport Department (LTD) "Our system is now linked with the traffic fine database," LTD deputy director general Chantira Purutpat said.


Heading 1


UPDATE 15.05.2562

Currently this new ruling only applies to those applying for Retirement Visas overseas in their home countries.

The Thai Government has announced that proposals are in place and agreed that all Retirees over 50 must have medical insurance if they are to make a new Retirement Visa or renew their current Retirement Visa.

This is to relieve the stress of Thai Hospitals for unpaid medical bills from Expats living in the country.

It also means that Expats will be covered for Health Care and have piece of mind if they are to be struck down by illness in Thailand.

The new rules stipulate that the Insurance package must cover the Retiree up to 400000 baht for inpatient treatment and 40000 baht for out patient treatment.

There are currently ongoing talks between Agencies  for Retirees who are unable to get Health Insurance for pre-assisting conditions or because of age restrictions on policies . The Government Agencies will be looking for alternative solutions for Expats that full under this criteria. One example already suggested would be a larger amount of money in the Expats bank account on renewal of Visa. 


Mots Services will continue to update you when  Immigration announce how they will role this policy out. 

UPDATE: 15/05/2562

Currently this new ruling only applies to those applying for Retirement Visas overseas in their home countries.

Health Insurance Photo.jpg

APRIL FUN WITH SONGKRAN Everyone loves Songkran and the fun you can have with the biggest water Festival On Earth. All over Thailand people enjoy themselves and make new friends in the April Festivities. Pattaya 2019 will celebrate Songkran from April 12th to April the 20th. Please note Immigration and Transport Office will be closed for the Songkran Holidays from the 12th April to the 16th April. Mots Services will be operating on those days. Please feel free to contact Mot with any requests you may have. Please be careful on the roads and dont drink and drive. BE LEGAL BE SAFE.


February Announcement Mot Services has added another great service to her portfolio by joining with one of Pattayas largest insurance brokers to direct you to the best Insurance service that suits your needs the most. With the current Immigration proposals to implement a compulsory Health Insurance Requirement to all 1 year Visa Applications (Retirement visas, Marriage Visas and Dependent Visas) Mot felt it necessary to offer her customers a one stop shop to all Insurance Solutions from Health Insurance, to Car Insurance, Travel Insurance and many other Insurance schemes.



If you use one of Mots Services in Jan/February and then recommend a Friend to Mots Services you will be given a 500 Baht Food/Drinks Voucher for the best Swimming Pool/Restaurant-Bar in Pattaya. LA PISCINE SOI KHAO NOI. Daily Food and Drinks Specials and a 5 Star Swimming Pool with great staff. 

01.2019 Father Ray Foundation - Cash Back Giver Charity Based On Line App

Mot is very happy to announce a partnership with the Mobile App, Cash Back Giver.

The App is designed to help charities by Business Users and Companies donating a percentage of their income to their Chosen Charity.  Mot has decided to support the Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya.

The Father Ray Foundation provides a home, an education, nutritious meals, medical assistance and the opportunity for our children and students to reach their full potential and become independent and decent members of society.

The Father Ray Foundation believes that every child or student, regardless of age, sex, race or ability, has, at all times and in all situations, a right to feel safe and protected from any situation or practice that results in a child being physically or psychologically damaged. The welfare of the child and student under the care of the Father Ray Foundation is paramount and all children and students, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse.




01.12.2018  The Perils Of Getting A Thai Driving Licence


Have you wondered about getting a Thai Driving Licence? Have you banged your heads against a brick wall with the procedures and processes with Immigration and The Transport Agency?

 I always have people telling me quite rightly that they can do it themselves and it only costs 800 baht to 1500 baht depending on what service and type of Driving Licence you require, when you pay all the necessary fees.  

Let me tell you about my daily experiences with Immigration and The Transport Agency.


First Immigration. Every day I see people getting fined for not having done their TM30 Check within 72 hours. This can be up to a 1600 baht fine. And Immigration are not concerned that it’s the Landlords responsibility. If you want your Residency Certificate you have to pay the fine and then of course you have to pay for the Residency Certificate. Then I see people get sent home because they have not got the correct rental contract or they have not been notified that immigration have changed the rules again and only accept different versions of rental contracts or the House Books data is not correct. 

Up to 2-3 hours later and once you have navigated the Immigration Desks you have your trip to the Transport Agency to look forward to. The drive is a 30 minute drive from Central Pattaya.

Transport Office

3 Phrases to describe the Transport Office.  Organised  Chaos, Daunting, Zero Patience !!

The Traffic Police have ramped up there multiple 24 Hours Check Points and the Traffic Fines are ever changing. This has convinced Thais and the Expat Community that Thai Driving Licences are the way to go.

So when you finally find the Transport Agency and you think you have made good time, you will see a line of people waiting not so patiently in the hope of getting a ticket. On a bad day the line snakes round the walls of the Transport Agency. You see, the Transport Agency only give out a certain amount of tickets daily to Thais and Westerners and if you miss out on a ticket you are told “ Go home, come back tomorrow”. Don’t even think of begging or explaining you have driven through torrential rain at the crack of dawn. Because they will say, “ Go home, come back tomorrow”. Another favorite of the LINE GUARD is to tell you, “Go home, Come back tomorrow. You wear wrong tee-shirt”. Yes, there is a dress code.  

When the doors finally open the crush begins. Everybody, man woman and Soi dog’s crashes through the doors and gets to waits on the Ground Floor looking up at the Digital Number Boxes waiting for their ticket number to appear in Bright Red Neon Lights. 

Your number appears and you are thinking I made it. Hahahahaha. So wrong !!

You troop up the stairs and you are confronted with the Headmasters Desk. Paperwork Check time!! Wrong papers, not enough copies, wrong Licence, Licence not translated, and wrong size photo all receives the same monotoned advice. “Go Home, Come Back Tomorrow “.  “Why you ask” ?  “ Paper no good” they reply. “Why you ask?” “Go home, come back tomorrow”. Anger boiling inside you are quite rightly thinking, Help !! You see with the amount of people waiting to be processed and the Transport Agency Staff English Language skills they do not have the time or will to help you !

If you make it through the Headmasters checks you then wait patiently for your eye tests. Normally Thais go first. You are then confronted with the Eye Tests. Color Blind and Depth Perception Tests. If you do not listen clearly or you are the 58th Person In The Queue you may not here the garbled instructions clearly or be able to see the demonstration. If you fail and they are busy, guess what? “Go Home, come back tomorrow”.  

You get through the eye tests. Depending on what type of licence service you require that day. Either making a new Licence, Transfer your home country Licence,  or Renewing your Thai Licence you are either taken off to a room to watch the Thai Safety and Road Laws Videos, or carry out the Theory Test’s for car and bike (45 out of 50 for pass)  or you wait again patiently for your Picture to be taken for your new Licence.  You are told to go to several desks to get this process done.

If you are unlucky enough to have to do the manual driving tests or have to sit the Theory Test for car and bike (Car and Bike Theory Tests are different and you must get 45/50 to pass),  make sure you llisten clearly and keep up with the Instructions as you make your way round the Driving Course or Sit in The Computer Room. One mistake, “Go Home, Come Back Tomorrow”.

So finally you have your Licence when you have completed this Obstacle Course of Tests, Checks and more Tests. You have lost a few hours of your life, your blood pressure is elevated and you hope never to see the Transport Agency Again.


So in Summary, you can do it yourself or use an agent. If you want a stress free life, Mots Services will check your papers and immigration status and prepare all your paperwork (Immigration Residency Certificate and Medical Certificates included) so when you get to the Transport Office everything has been double checked. Mot will pick you up at your Residence and drive you in comfort to the Transport Office.  On arrival, you can sit and enjoy a coffee while Mot gets your Entry Ticket and deals with the Headmasters Desk. Mot will explain everything in detail, the process, and the test instructions for each individual test and will be there to hold your hand through the entire process. If you have to do the Theory Test, Mot will give you the Theory Test Questions and Answers to learn before you go and other learning materials are included. Mot will walk you round the Driving Course and explain the course in good, clear English.  And when you finally have your shiny new Licences without all the stress, Mot will take you home and you can drive legally on the roads of Thailand.  BE LEGAL BE SAFE !!!

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